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Jan 7, 2022

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At a Glance...

In PPC news, Google branches into audio, Performance Max continues to add services to it’s repertoire and a new ‘workspace feature’. Elsewhere, in social, TikTok steps up it’s game as one of the new biggest social platforms, Twitter plays catch-up with Insta-like features and Instagram takes a break.  

As we say goodbye to 2021, there’s already plenty to talk about as the media giants get ready to battle to put their best digital foot forward. Google, TikTok, Twitter, we’ve got you’ve covered with our latest Newsroom round up.


All eyes on Google

Google unveils new audio ads

The every expanding Google reveals more detail on audio ads. In short, the workflow generally aligns with video trafficking and has a similar implementation stream, but a different inventory. Watch this space for more on audio ads, or give it a try for yourself here.

Performance max campaigns to replace Smart Shopping & Local Campaigns

First introduced in 2020 as a new way to buy Google ads across YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail and Maps from a single campaign. P-Max are now open to all advertisers. But, most importantly, they will replace Smart Shopping and Local campaigns, which will both upgrade to Performance Max this year.

New ‘Workspace’ feature on Google ads.

Thanks to Google’s new ‘Workspace’ option, you can pre-set a filter group to allow you to easily navigate between different views (e.g. brand only, shopping + generics, display + generics).

And a reminder…

Responsive search ads deadline is in 6 months time – users need to have at least one RSA in each ad group!


Tik Tok tops the charts

Winner winner

Tik Tok became the most used platform globally, surpassing Google from 10th August 2021 onwards, with the highest traffic on most days, including Black Friday. Covid-19 acted as a catalyst for the platforms growth as people turned to it during lockdowns. It is on track to reaching 1.5 billion users in 2022.

New ‘repost’ feature being tested

Tik Tok are currently testing  a ‘repost’ feature – similar to Twitter’s retweet. Its intention is to encourage passive users of the platform to participate more instead of having to create their own content. It also allows more engagement as users can endorse brands by sharing their videos and vice versa.

Nando’s has used humorous and relatable social media in their marketing campaigns to great success for a long time #cheeky

Twitter misses the mark?

Twitter launches test on IOS for tweet reaction videos

Twitter aims to achieve a 50% growth in the next two years (Tik Tok has x7 the amount of current followers), the drive towards more visual content influenced by the success of Tik Tok, the changing ways people interact with content and wanting to capture a new audience.

The edit photo tool was launched as test in September and is now being rolled out to most users. It allows people to add stickers to their photos and looks similar to Instagram stories. Again, the intention to appeal to a younger audience and the opportunity to jazz up content.

But does Twitter really understand it’s user’s needs? Many top tweeters think otherwise… 

    More UX tweaks from Instagram

    A new feed for 2022

    Instagram chief Adam Mosseri recently announced the format of the new Instagram feeds. Home – following an algorithm as it does currently, Following – chronological order of the people you follow and Favourites – people you personally select to see their content, e.g. favourite brands, celebrities, friends etc. This is to ensure that users don’t miss out on content they might want to see.

    He also announced that 2022 will focus on improving Instagram reels and less so on photo content. It will also give creators more opportunity to monetise off Instagram.

      Time to take a break…

      In December Instagram launched a feature which will prompt users to log off if they’ve been on the app for too long. Introduced to help under 18s manage the affects of social media on their mental health, this feature is also available for everyone.

      It comes at a time where there are increased discussions around ‘doomscrolling’, the act of continuously scrolling on social media with a negative impact on a person’s wellbeing, particularly with news outlets. Algorithms contribute to this as users are continuously served related content.

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