Aligning and optimisiting creative to differing audience requirements at scales increases media metrics, buying power and overall Paid Social performance

Kiwi, the travel aggregator selling over 70,000 seats on flights every day were increasing their D2C footprint expanding their customer base across Europe.

Tapping into these markets it became clear that better paid social advertising offered an optimal route to find new customers, with the real opportunity in positioning Kiwi as the answer to customers’ individual drivers in booking flights.

In Digital recognised that creative matched to individual customer needs was the biggest driver in performance through paid social.

Having built a best in class Campaign structure across Meta and TikTok, we put in place a new creative production approach and optimising flight feeds with price sensitive CTA logic.

This means that customers are seeing the right routes at the right price for their needs and has transformed media effectiveness.

Automation of creative aligned to audience targeting drives record response:




increase in creatives



Achieved by the In Digital team

Grace Robertson

Grace Robertson

Senior Performance Manager, InStudio Creative Solutions

Rebecca Heller

Rebecca Heller

Performance Director

Freddie Caruthers

Freddie Caruthers

Performance Manager

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