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May 2, 2023


At a Glance...

We recently undertook a comprehensive audit into our company culture in partnership with Great Place to Work®.

Read on to find out about our fantastic results and how we have pledged to action upon our employees’ feedback throughout 2023.


‘Company culture’ refers to the shared values, beliefs and behaviours that characterise an organisation. It’s the day-to-day experiences of employees – shaped by the company’s policies, procedures, and leadership style.

Simply put, it’s “how things are done around here” and it’s a big part of why people choose to stay in – or leave – their current workplace. So, it’s important to get it right.

But what makes for a good company culture?

It’s more than just great perks and progressive policies (though we have plenty of both). It’s about fostering a supportive environment in which people can bring their whole selves to work and feel proud of what they do.

A positive company culture leads to increased employee engagement, creating a sense of community and commitment amongst employees. This in turn leads to enhanced levels productivity, innovation, and overall job satisfaction. On the other hand, a negative company culture can lead to high levels of stress, low morale, and high employee turnover rates.

Company culture, therefore, is at the heart of an organisation’s success and longevity.

We know we have a great culture here at In Digital, but we wanted to pinpoint what defines it specifically. And – hopefully – to gain recognition for being one of the best marketing agencies to work for in London.

Enter Great Places to Work, who offer a “globally recognised and research-backed verification of great employee experience”.

In partnership with GPTW, we conducted a comprehensive audit into our company culture, measuring employee experience across the five focus areas of the GPTW ‘trust model’ (credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie – read more on that here).

Everyone in our company was invited to take part, no matter what their tenure, and all responses were anonymised with any identifiable data removed. This ensured we had open, honest engagement with meaningful results.

So how did we do? Really quite well…

We’re delighted to report that we scored an average of 90% across all statements in the Trust Index Survey. This is a fantastic set of results that puts us among the highest-scoring players in the industry.

What’s more, we’ve been recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing™ 2023, and are listed among the top 100 small organisations to work for in the UK.

We’re incredibly proud of the dynamic and supportive culture we’ve created and the wonderful team that brings it to life. In Digital is full of hardworking and trail-blazing people that genuinely care about each other, and we’re thrilled that this has been recognised with our Great Places to Work® certification.

Some of our top scoring areas are outlined below:

A comparison of features between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

What’s more, 100% of our team agreed with the following statements:

  • In Digital is a fun place to work
  • Management hires people who fit in well here
  • People care about each other here
  • People at here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation
  • People are treated fairly regardless of their gender
  • You are treated as a full member here regardless of your position
  • Management is competent at running the business
  • Management is approachable and easy to talk to
  • You are able to take time off from work when you think it’s necessary
  • If you are unfairly treated, you will be given a fair hearing if you appeal

Our team share their thoughts

My favourite part of working at In Digital is the culture upheld by all its employees. The company highly values individuality and collaboration, encouraging everyone to embrace their identities and unique skillsets.”

Tom Owen

Senior Performance Executive

Co-founders Alex & Ollie have worked hard to build not only a talented, friendly and kind team, but also a fantastic office environment for everyone. I can’t wait to see us grow.”

Kate Lindars

Senior Performance Manager

“We have a fun and outgoing team, encouraged to deliver excellent work, whilst having a great time together. There’s a culture of supporting colleagues, and we make time to collaborate and educate each other. We also make time to be together at the end of busy points to celebrate achievements.”

Rebecca Heller

Performance Director

“In Digital allows us to develop rapidly. Our directors instill us with the confidence and knowledge required to manage our clients autonomously – what I have learned in nearly two years here would have taken ten years anywhere else.”

Nathan Drew

Performance Manager

So what’s next for In Digital?

This wasn’t just about getting a certification. This was about finding out what’s important to our team and acting upon it. Here’s a breakdown of the initiatives we’ve been spearheading for 2023, off the back of our GPTW data:

A turn outward

Our team highlighted that they want us improve our corporate social responsibility. As a company that is growing at some pace, we know it’s time for us to stop looking inward and focus on our contribution towards charity and the community. As well as one-off charitable initiatives, such as our recent volunteering day with The Conservation Volunteers, we’re also offering out our skills as pro-bono marketing. If there’s a charity you would like to put us in touch with, please get in touch here.

Enhanced professional development & support

We’re really excited to debut In Class, our internal training and development initiative. In Class sessions will cover a range of topics, at different levels of expertise, across Paid Media; CRO & Experimentation; Data, Automation & Dev; as well as Client & Team Management Skills. In Class will allow senior members of our team to share their knowledge and expertise, providing guidance to new starters and making sure everyone knows the basics in digital performance marketing. It will also crucially coach our team on the In Digital way of working – which is what we believe sets us apart from the rest.

Increased focus on wellbeing

Though we scored highly in this area in our feedback, wellbeing is at the forefront of our agenda for 2023. We recently partnered with Able Futures, who provide employees suffering with mild to moderate wellbeing issues with access to free support from a mental health professional. And from May, we’ll be working with the charity Innerspace to provide monthly wellbeing workshops as part of our team Fridays.

As well as this, we’ve expanded our benefits package to include subsidised sports memberships for all employees, regardless of tenure, in recognition of the role that physical activity plays in overall mental health.

Recognition of loyalty

We’re also rewarding our long-standing members of the team for their hard work and committment to growing the business. Extra days’ annual leave, increased working from abroad allowance and free private health insurance are just some of the new benefits offered to our In Digital veterans.

We’re thrilled with our GPTW qualification and the feedback we’ve received from our team. Stay tuned to see how we take this forward throughout 2023 – and beyond!

Leila Peck, Operations Executive

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