How we solved the insight gap for every team at Tortoise with dashboard & analytics

A bit about Tortoise

Tortoise produces slow journalism from award-winning writers to read, watch and listen to – and was the #1 biggest journalism project ever on Kickstarter. 

Why did we enter the frame?

Tortoise have grown fast – and are still growing: each week brings more members, readers, guests, supported by more marketing, content, product development… 

Tortoise needed more automation and structure to provide its teams with the right insights at a time they need it more. 

One-stop shop for data and insight


Tortoise required a turnkey solution for the data and insight required to power their entire business, which is why we manage their analytics set-up, their regular dashboarding and their ad hoc analytics requests. 


At a glance…


Reports every Monday morning


Different data sources combined


Of the Tortoise teams use this data

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