Inside Digital Marketing: June 2023

Jul 6, 2023


At a Glance...

Adobe launches its own AI offering, Meta sheds more light on their Lattice framework and TikTok offers new ways to connect brands and influencers.

Adobe Fire-Flies into AI

Adobe is the latest of the tech giants to throw their hat into the generative AI space with the launch of their AI offering: Firefly.  

The most popular new feature introduced by Firefly is Generative Fill. This allows users to remove or add features to an existing image in a predictive ‘filling-the-gaps’ fashion.

Though results may be of questionable quality, this feature could prove useful for creative mock-ups or asset amends to suit an Ad format. 

Firefly also offers text-to-image generation: an intriguing new feature that promises to generate imagery from simple written descriptions. Again, this would prove particularly handy for users wanting to visualise a brief before entering production. 

What’s more, Adobe has joined forces with Google and their chatbot Bard. Designs generated via Bard can then be edited and refined using Adobe Express. 

 Adobe are planning a suit of other features, including generative designs aligned to existing style guides and personal techniques.   

Whilst generative AI is unlikely to put any designers out of work in the immediate future, this has useful applications. Marketers in the earliest design briefing stages can use this to provide contextual creative examples. Smaller businesses could start depending on this to produce creative assets, in lieu of design support. 

Whilst other AI creative software is available (e.g. Midjourney), Adobe’s presence as the dominant force of creative software makes this a significant move. 

Meta expands on their AI ambitions

In further AI news, Meta have announced that they will be making creative AI tools available within Facebook’s ads manager. Meta co-founder (and possible future cage-fighter?) Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Meta will be integrating AI generative ads across all Meta products.   

These features will focus on extending the abilities of Advantage+ and are likely to be exclusive to this campaign type, rolling out as part of the Lattice framework. 

Meta is also rolling out app promotion ads to Reels in both Facebook and Instagram. This allows businesses to promote their mobile apps, prompting downloads from Reels.

Finally, Meta are testing the use of AI tools ability to optimise ads via their Meta Sound Collection. This will allow users to source audio for their ads from Meta’s collection of almost 9,000 songs and 2,000 audio sound effects. 

TikTok issues Creative Challenge 

TikTok’s ‘Creative Challenge’, is the newest way for content creators to earn revenue from brand collaborations.  The new feature takes inspiration from the speculative pitching model prevalent within the creative industry.

  1. The advertiser sets a brief, including their budget.
  2. Content creators create and submit their videos for the brand to choose from.
  3. The brand selects its winning creative, making use of it across TikTok ads.
  4. The successful creator earns money for their ad, based on views, clicks and conversions.

 To qualify for the Creative Challenge program, a TikTok user must have a 50,000+ followers and be over the age 18.  

 Eliminating the need to invest in shoots and models, this is a cost-effective strategy for brands. Meanwhile content creators enjoy wider exposure, brand association and monetisation. 

Critics of the speculative-pitch model echo familiar concerns: 

  • Creators are not rewarded if their work is not chosen 
  • Creators ideas not selected, could inspire future creatives for which the original creator is not remunerated 

 Overall, we’re excited to see how this new feature will benefit creators and brands. The breaking down of monetisation barriers between the two could lead to a greater number of brand partnerships. 

Stay tuned for July’s instalment of INside Digital Marketing, as we continue to monitor the digital trends of 2023 and the evolution of Paid Media. Follow us across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for more.

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