Inside Digital Marketing: May 2023

May 25, 2023


At a Glance...

May saw even MORE domination by AI, with Google following in its main competitor’s footsteps, while on the cusp of Universal Analytics’ sunsetting. We dive into these updates with both intrigue and skepticism. Then, Meta sparks further controversy amongst creatives. 

GML ‘23 offers a glimpse into our near future

In May, Google hosted ‘Google Marketing Live’, its annual conference wherein they outline the years initiatives and releases most pertinent to marketeers and advertisers.  

We’ve summarised the most salient points from the event within this article, which is worth exploring for more depth. But, at the very top level, here is a rapid-fire assortment of what Google are releasing over the next few months. 

  • Search Generative Experiences (SGE) 

 Google is releasing an AI-powered, narrative driven chat feature directly into Google Search. In what may well represent the biggest ever shift to Google’s core product proposition, this new beta feature shifts the tone of search away from the transactional (I.e. 2-3 keyword terms and quick identification of need) towards the conversational (I.e. longer search queries and the ability to enhance the original search with follow-up questions). 

  • Broad Match Campaigns and Contextual Ad Copy 

 Google also introduced an expansion of the capabilities of Broad match: Broad match campaigns wherein the broad match keywords are defined at campaign level. 

 Furthermore, rather than requiring advertisers to write their own ad copy, these campaigns will offer contextual, AI-generated ad headlines based on assets provided the advertisers and the landing page URL. 

 This is arguably an expansion of Dynamic Search Ads, which Google introduced way back in 2011, the core difference being the enhanced ability for the AI to generate headlines based on the users search term context. 

  • Performance Max gets creative 

Google are now powering up Performance Max with generative creative asset capabilities. This will include headlines, descriptions, images, video and audio assets – all of which will only be available via Performance Max campaign types. 

 These assets will be created based on both landing page content and provided product USP’s and will also combine Google’s bank of available stock assets. The company were quick to emphasise that advertisers maintain complete control over the approval, editing and removal of these assets, all of which can be performed within the platform. 

  • AI Campaign Assistant 

Responding to criticism that Google Ads is ‘too difficult for the average user’, Google are releasing an AI-driven assistant chatbot into ads that can create new campaigns from scratch based on user conversational inputs. 

  • New Campaign Types 

And finally, Google announced that they will be releasing two new video-driven campaign types: Video Views and Demand Gen. 

The clock is ticking on UA – use this time wisely

One of the many changes we will face when Universal Analytics sunsets is the limitation of custom reports from an UI perspective. All data will be event-based, and consequently, the way of reporting on this need is going to be different. Google is offering one ‘free’ GA4/Big Query link per property, which will allow you to store a couple of months’ worth of data and link the table to Looker dashboard. It is recommended to create that link as soon as you migrate to GA4 as you will only be able to export data from the date of enablement.

We have experienced a few limitations when putting together some combinations of dimensions and metrics on the GA4 platform, in addition to the data being sampled for a short date range. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the ‘free’ link between the two Google products so that you have a back-up of your data (especially if you don’t have a separate storing solution in place) to make sure you have a safe view on your performance. Use the time before the sunset to create Looker views with GA4 data and to replicate some of your current Universal Analytics reports, giving yourself enough time to be comfortable with the results you are seeing through.

Meta unveils their AI ad toolkit

Meta recently announced that they will be making creative AI tools available in ads manager. Initially, a select group of advertisers will have at their disposal the capacity to 1) generate multiple copy variations based on a product description, 2) generate jazzy backgrounds and 3) outcrop images so that they fit different placements.

The news is exciting given that creative is increasingly the most profound lever one can pull to improve paid social performance. Already at In Digital we have seen an uplift in performance using derivatives of AI-produced copy, so we look forward to testing what Meta offers.

In the spirit of AI, read ChatGPTs rendition of the same news in the style of Tolkein:

“Deep in the digital realm, Meta, the master of social media, wields a new power: generative artificial intelligence (AI) for ads. By combining the artistry of machines and the human imagination, they strive to create captivating campaigns.

Generative AI empowers machines to learn from vast data and generate unique content. Meta’s artisans embrace this technology to craft ads that break free from convention and captivate in new ways.

Yet, challenges arise. Critics question the authenticity and impact of generative AI. Meta acknowledges the responsibility it holds and remains committed to the partnership of human creativity and machine intelligence.

This tale is not just about innovation, but also courage and responsibility. Meta’s artisans, armed with generative AI, stand ready to face the digital world’s challenges and push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Stay tuned for June’s instalment of INside Digital Marketing, as we continue to monitor the digital trends of 2023 and the evolution of Paid Media. Follow us across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for more.

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