Increasing audience depth transforms media performance across search, social, display & audio

The Independent had been relying on organic traffic to drive subscriptions for their new premium product taking advantage of their 100 million + monthly visits however conversion rate was low.

Paid media activity had been in place for some time but had struggled to drive subscriptions with activity reduced due to poor performance.

Analysing user level media and site performance through advanced modelling, we were able to find high propensity audiences that responded better to media activity.

We activated these audiences across paid search, social, display and programmatic audio via DMP integration and custom tagging.

Targeting these audiences increased conversion rates & clickthrough rates leading to lower media costs and much increased subscriber acquisition.

The impact of an increase in audience depth from 36% to 84%


increase in brand activity C/R


reduction in CPC


increase in subscriptions

Achieved by the In Digital team

Lorenzo Ruggio

Lorenzo Ruggio

Solutions Director

Eleanor Payne

Eleanor Payne

Senior Performance Manager

Grace Robertson

Grace Robertson

Senior Performance Manager, InStudio Creative Solutions

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