Inside Impact: the In Digital Difference

We’re an in house digital marketing agency specialised in enabling and delivering digital marketing activities that drive revenue growth for your business.

The expectations set for performance marketing teams have never been higher: trading culture, smart use of automation, creative problem solving, proactive opportunity-spotting… Our success comes from the fact we can achieve these standards more easily in house, delivering paid media, conversion optimisation and performance analytics services for our clients.

Digital media

Our approach to paid media is different. We create bespoke strategies based on your KPIs, your data and your audiences – because industry best practice is just one of the ingredients needed for success.

You have ownership, we have accountability. We fundamentally believe that as much data and technology as possible should be owned by you – our expertise is maximising its value.

We use small teams of in house marketers to run and optimise your paid media, because our experience shows this makes for more creative and efficient teamwork than you can get from large and disparate agency teams.

Media Strategy

We help our clients to plan, forecast and budget across the full scope of organic & paid digital channels so you can maximise growth without over-relying on paid advertising.

Paid Social

We implement highly effective paid social marketing campaigns with a strong emphasis on using fresh, high quality content aligned to your audiences’ interests and your conversion goals.

Paid Search

We build and manage complex search and shopping campaigns, optimising to a high level of granularity to capture every possible opportunity at the most efficient cost.

Programmatic Media

Display, video & audio advertising that reaches the right audience with the most engaging content at the right time.

See how we grew paid media performance for The Independent

With a full rebuild of search, social and programmatic advertising, in under a year we grew The Independent’s subscriber base by 236%, monthly acquisition volumes by 28x and decreased CPAs by 77%.

Site optimisation


We’re passionate about optimisation, and few things can yield so much growth as a well optimised website becoming a performance multiplier for your paid and organic media.

We combine a scientific and data-driven approach to test management with a customer-centric mindset that prioritises user experience, and because our team works as seamless extensions to yours, your product, dev, analytics and design teams will love working with us too.

Optimisation Planning

Your analytics data holds the key to identifying optimisation opportunities: we constantly question assumptions about user-journeys to inform the planning and prioritisation of all optimisation programmes.

A/B testing Programmes

There is no ‘best’, only ‘better’. Whatever your KPIs we apply a rigorous testing methodology to drive performance growth, maximising the value you can get from your testing technology and data.

Next-Best-Action Programmes

Our audience-first philosophy is that for each audience there is an optimal next step for them to take. That’s why we create segmented user journeys that improve overall user experience and help you drive more value than can ever be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Analytics, Development, Design

Site optimisation inherently requires a large number of skillsets to come together to plan, design, build, test and analyse. We can provide as much or as little of this capability as you require depending on your internal teams’ capacity..

We optimised journeys for Dennis Publishing

With the task of helping Dennis to drastically increase digital subscriptions, through numerous successful tests we yielded up to a 150% increase in conversion rate for key journeys and audiences.

Analytics, Data & Performance Reporting


From specification to design, implementation, build and management, we can help set-up best-in-class analytics and reporting for your business.

Everyone at In Digital is an analyst: it’s an essential requirement for data-driven marketing. Our relentless focus on using data to drive strategy, tactics and optimisation means we first ask what it enables. For you, that means analytics and reporting that gives you the right answers to the right questions.

Marketing Technology

Whether starting with a blank canvas or upgrading your tech-stack, we can help determine the right use cases and specification for your needs – from web analytics to push notifications via tag management and testing technology.

Analytics & Tracking

We implement, configure and troubleshoot tracking and analytics to ensure data integrity and, ultimately, that business decisions can be made on trustworthy data

Reporting & Analysis

We specialize in solving the problem of getting the right insight to the right stakeholder at the right time and work with teams across marketing, retention, finance, product, content and more.

Automation & BI

Reporting automation frees up your team’s time (and ours) to identify key insights and plan activity accordingly. We automate reporting using most mainstream Business Intelligence tools.

See how we’ve provided reporting to every team at Tortoise Media

As a long term marketing and analytics partner for Tortoise Media we power the insights and reporting for the business, providing dashboards to almost every team in the business including marketing, social, editorial, product, retention and podcasts.

Interim Resource & Secondments

Sometimes you just need a team! Whether it’s one of our brilliant team members or a whole marketing function, we have a brilliant track record of fitting-into organisations with the right expertise and the right attitude to make a difference.

See how we provided the entire marketing function for RugbyPass

RugbyPass has just relocated their business to the UK and needed a fully-functional marketing team from day 1, covering strategy, paid media, optimisation and analytics. In Digital placed a Marketing Director and team in the business in time to stand up cross-channel marketing campaigns for the Guinness Six Nations tournament.

Our clients

We’re industry-agnostic, and our approach has proven successful time and again in every industry and business it’s been applied. Find out how we’ve helped our clients grow online.

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